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☆☆SpreePicky Frozen Photoshoot (Elsa&Anna)

I know I know I am sooo late for these again!
But I couldn't find the time to edit photos before so I could only get them ready now!

We got our Elsa&Anna costumes from Spreepicky a few months ago with Iris, my roommate, it was a small dream of our to cosplay Elsa and Anna together.
imageShop Spreepickyimage
imageShop Cospickyimage
I ended up editing a few photos, but I will definitely post more in the future!

Let's start with my perfect Elsa~!

imageFrozen Elsa Cosplay Costumeimage
You can also use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
The costume was so detailed we were jumping around as we took it out of the parcel, literally, haha. The whole costume is covered seamlessly in shiny scales so that they can reflect the light and give the same effect as Elsa's shining costume. It has a special cut on the front leg area as well, which makes is easier to walk around and makes Iris' leg show, just like Elsa's in Frozen. The transparent cape is really, REALLY long and has sparkly details as well as snowflakes on it. But since it is so long I had to help her move around by carrying her cape from behind her, just like people do in the weddings. :D
Ofcourse, you can walk around not by holding it up, but we didn't want the costume to get dirty.
The costume had a zipper on the back, so you don't need to struggle to get in it as long as you order the right size, which you can decide by checking the size chart.

And here I am, as Anna!
imageFrozen Anna Cosplay Costumeimage
You can also use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
I just love her a lot! 
You know it was clear as day from the start how Iris wanted to cosplay Elsa and I wanted Anna after we first watched the movie. Then boom, it happened thanks to Spreepicky!
As for my costume, it comes in several pieces such as the cape, gloves, shirt, the black top which you wear on the shirt and the long skirt. The cape can be taken up with the help of the button in front, and both the green top&black top has zippers on their back. The green shirt is made of a stretchy material and can stretch easily, while the black top can not. Same goes for the skirt, it has a elastic band and can stretch a lot, so you won't have problems size-wise. But ofcourse, you still need to get the right size for this, it can stretch up to a certain point. Overall the print, the details are high-quality and accurate to the character in my opinion. I especially loved how the cape is made of a very thick material and can stand in shape on it's own instead of taking the form of my shoulders.

Before ending this review, I have two of our photos together!

Elsa's makeup is SO on point.

Sorry for not being super good at photoshop, this is the best I could do!

Please make sure to comment your questions if I forgot to mention something, I will do my best to help out!
Until my next post, bye bye~!


  1. Wow, it looks so perfect! Beautiful photoshoot!

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  2. Wow you are such a beautiful Anna!♡ you too look so cute!!

  3. 너무 예뻐요!!ㅠ♡♡


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