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☆☆ICK Adora Violet Lenses&Maki Nishikino Wig

Hello there!
The university started getting really intense and busy...
I can hardly keep up with it these days. I've also been feeling sick lately, so I couldn't do any new shoots.
I will try to get better because I have some exciting plans!

For now, I will show you some older photos I took this summer, but forgot to write a blog post!
Use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
I must say, this has become one of my favorite purple lenses!
It enlarges eyes super well, and also having a slightly brown outer ring makes it look, let's say, a bit more natural than a full-black ring. It still has the dramatic effect because of the color and the enlargement, but that's something I have been looking out for!
And as I always expected, the ICK brand doesn't disappoint me. 
Full-comfort all day for my poor dry eyes, haha.
I had a problem with my harddisk lately and lost all my old photos/photoshoots, so I had to take a real close up shot of the lenses without eyeliner, lashes, etc. 
Sorry about that!
Now, I wanted to go for a red wig for this one, and chose the Maki Nishikino wig.
Use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
It did arrive as a straight wig and didn't have any curls like Maki, but that can be seen from the stock photo before buying, so I think that's okay! I also don't plan on cosplaying Maki and was planning to cut the wig even shorter before ordering it, so having it as a straight wig made my job better too!
In the end I styled it like this;
I even used it when I went to TGS on September too!
Here is a throwback to these days!
Honestly I had some amazing time there, I already miss it. 
Sigh... ;_;

That's all for today!
I hope you enjoyed this small post, I will keep them coming! <3
Bye bye and love you!


  1. Woaaah, I love those lenses! They look amazing on you!
    Violet is such a magical color. *_* Thanks for reviewing and hey, you look precious as always! ^o^

    If I'm not mistaken I have these same lenses in Green and possibly some other color(s), I can't remember! XD Can't wait to try them on! ~

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    1. Thank you!
      Your comments always brighten up my day!

      Yes! I want to try out the other colors too! They look really nice.


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