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☆☆UNIQSO I.Fairy Miss Fluffy Blue Lenses&Eli Ayase Wig

I probably told you guys that Peter Pan is my favorite cartoon&story from my childhood, and also my first love, heh heh. 
That's why I wanted to do a/some cosplays inspired by Peter Pan, and I decided that it would be Len&Rin's Peter Pan and Tinker Bell from their new song here;

I want to do both their cosplays!
And I think I found great wigs for them, which I will be sharing with you in this and next reviews.

Both of them have blue eyes, so I set my eyes on these lenses.
I.Fairy Miss Fluffy Blue
Use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
I have blue eyes, so I'm not worrying about the pupil gap this time. It'll blend in as long as the lens isn't too vibrant in an unusual color. As for my brand choice, this is one of the most comfortable brands for my dry eyes, so!
And ofcourse, I would like them to make my eyes bigger, so I went for a 16.2 mm diameter one.
Nice catch, huh!

Also see my failed attempt at changing the eyeshadow color from purple to blue, haha. I thought it would compliment the lens color and gave it a try, but... Meh!
As you see it did blend in with my eyes. So I would say it's a good choice for light colored eyes.
If you have dark colored eyes, feel free to check the link above, there are some customer photos with them, there!
I also used them with my OC Cathy as I modeled some clothes for Spreepicky last week!
That review is on it's way as well~!

Now, I will be reviewing an Eli Ayase wig, I got it because I thought I could use it with Rin's Tinker Bell in that PV.
Eli Ayase Wig
Use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
It is a bit too "neon" for me, but... ; u ; The styling is great, and I thought I could take care of the color with lighting and such- I was right!
Still, I would like this A LOT more if it had more of a natural shade of blonde.
As for the hairs' quality, I would give it a 10/10, because it didn't even shed one string of hair even after I styled it. The curls also arrived looking just as the photo and stayed curly even after storing it in it's plastic bag, and wearing it at least 2 times. (I used it twice so far, so!)
And ofcourse, the ponytail is detachable, you can use the base wig on it's own anytime.

I did my best with the lighting and such, but it still appears too vibrant imo. ; u ;)/

Thank you for reading!
I will see you in my next review, soon hopefully!
Bye bye!


  1. Wow, those lenses blend amazingly with your eyes! Looks so nice! ;u;
    I haven't seen those lenses before, are they new? They look really cool either way!
    Oh and I need to say that I love that wig on you! Looks so precious! *w* I don't think it's too vibrant/neon but then again, I can only judge from the light of the photos you show here ~

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  2. You always looking so cute and perfect <3


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