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✩✩UNIQSO Colors of the Wind Party Green&Blonde Wig Review

Sorry for leaving you guys without any updates!
I have been active on my FB, Instagram and Youtube but I completely abandoned this blog.
I will get my things together as soon as I can!

Now, it's time for a late-late review!
Shop Uniqso
Just a note, Uniqso has started selling their own lens designs and I recently modeled them as well, if you'd like to check them out, you can find them under their "newest products" category.
The code "anzujaamu" is still available for a discount!

Now, moving onto the lenses I'm writing about...
I-Codi Party Green Lenses
Another one from the Colors of the Wind series, and so far one of my favorite green lenses! They look really natural, both diameter-wise and vibrance-wise. They are vibrant and noticeable, but they still look like a natural eye color. They also appear quite vibrant on dark eyes too!
I have also used them in my recent makeup tutorial here.

But still, here is a closeup photo of me wearing them.

My makeup is heavier than the video in this closeup.

The wig I combined with these lenses is...

Long Pale Blonde Wig
I decided to try a wig which didn't have bangs! The hairstyle reminded me of Nino from Arakawa Under the Bridge, but still this wig is a lot paler than her hair color. Anyway, I was curious so...!!
I didn't do any styling when it arrived, I just swept the long hairs on the sides. They kept coming in my way, so you might want to either cut them or hold them up with a bobby pin, or maybe brush them behind your ear like I did.
Other than that, it was really silky! I loved playing with it non-stop! Maybe I will try a braid style with that kind of bangs, who knows!

I admit, looking weird. ; _ ; That hairstyle doesn't look good on me to be honest.
It was worth a shot though!

Thank you for reading and see you soon in my next post!
Bye bye!


  1. Oh my flippin' Buddha, those lenses have a gorgeous color!! *_*
    Thank you so much for reviewing them, I've actually been staring at them for a while now and wondering if I should buy a pair and well, now you convinced me to do it!!

    That blonde wig looks amazing on you too! >//< My first thought was that you looked like some kind of young elf lady (except you don't have pointy ears xD) from the North! So pretty. ♥
    You should totally do some kind of elf make-up look someday, it would be amazing!

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  2. Finally a blogpost again! Those lenses look amazing on you! an that wig is really cute on you too! ♡

  3. You look really really cute *-*

    I love it!
    Looks so adorable ~♥

  5. OMG!! you look like kureha :


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