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☆☆LoveShoppingholics Vassen Lollipop Red Review

Hello again everyone~!
As I said on my other blogs, I'm back with a circle lens review from LoveShoppingholics!
LoveShoppingholics specializes in selling authentic circle lenses! They don't sell circle lens only, if you take a look at their adorable site, you'll find a lot of cosmetics too, such as BB Creams, eyeshadows, etc. All of the products are adorable!

The product I will be reviewing is;

Their diameter is 16.2 mm!
 When it comes to lenses with bigger diameters...
I love them, seriously.
Cough cough, anyway.

The shipping was really fast. I got the lenses in 15 days I think, it's considered fast when you think about Turkey's shitty post office. They arrived looking like this;
Isn't the package adorable!?
It says "Because I want to see your face with a smile." on the package.
I don't know, stuff like this make me so happy! They even included a very cute "thank you" card in the parcel. It put a smile on my face indeed.

I let the lenses soak in the solution I bought in their cases for 8 hours, then I was ready to try them on!
I took close-up photos for you so you can see how it looks like.
For your information, I have blue eyes, so I usually have hard time finding lenses suitable for light eyes. 
And these are, wait for it;

You don't understand my happiness! So far all the red lenses I've got had a huge hole for the pupils and showed my entire eye color from the middle.
But this one is perfect ahh!

They are really comfortable too! My eyes didn't go dry at all, but if they do I can always use eye drops to feel comfortable again~.
And a normal photo;
I'm thinking about using these lenses for my Silica cosplay as well, what do you think?
I will upload photos if I do it!

Eheh, I hope this review was helpful for you!
See you later then!


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