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☆☆UNIQSO I.Fairy Lucius Grey Review

Hi hi~!
I told you I'd be really productive these days, haven't I?
I'm proud of myself.
So! In this post, I will be reviewing another pair of circle lenses from UNIQSO!
They are from I.Fairy series again, I browsed almost all the lenses, but found myself drawn to this brand each time.
Alright, let's see the stock photo now.
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Since these are very light colored, I figured out that they'd look better on my eyes if they had a bigger gap for pupils. That way my real eye color would show up and blend with the lenses' color.
These lenses were the perfect choice for this purpose!

They arrived with the previous pair of lenses I've reviewed, shipped with FedEx.
See here for the I.Fairy Kirei Brown Review!
It was in Turkey in less time than a week, so I recommend this shipping option if you are in a hurry.
(Standart shipping might take up to 20 days.)

After leaving them in their solution for 8 hours, I was ready to try them on!
Hah! Just as I said. Anzu is always right!
(not really)My real eye color blended well with these lenses. My real eye color is blue, but with lighting and the effect of the lenses, they seemed like grey too.
Despite the black rim, these lenses look very natural, compared to other lenses I own. I'm really really happy with them because the color is such a nice, light grey and thanks to this black rim, they enlarge my eyes really well.
I also owned a pair of Princess Mimi Sesame Gray lenses before, but these are my favorite so far.
They are very comfortable, I haven't had any problem even when I wore them all day. I used an eye drop right after I put the lenses in, then I was good to go! It didn't require any more eye drops whole day. Phew!

The black rim doesn't look very thick when you look from a distance, so people even might not realize that you are wearing circle lenses. Sssh.

Okay. It's decided. I'm going to wear these lenses forever.
They go really well with the mint rhapsody wig, huh?

Mhm, I think this review ends here! I hope this helped you to decide.
Do not forget to replace your contact lenses every 8-10 months if they are meant for a year use!
Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day!
You are amazing!


  1. grey lenses looks very good on you *___*

  2. Those look fantastic on you, it looks natural but still really cool! The grey eyes along with the fluffy wig gives you a very ethereal look, like a fog spirit or something.

    1. I think this is the best compliment I've ever got. Thank you so much! <3

  3. they look wonderful<3 you're awesome :D

  4. you look so kawaii. the contact lens color is very natural.



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