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☆☆Sheinside Sixth Review

 I'm back with new clothes to review from Sheinside!
Alright! First, let me tell you about the shipping. As usual, I got it around 20-25 days, which is normal for Turkish post office. Everything was packed nicely in separate plastic bags (I got two items!), and they weren't harmed on the way.
Let's see the stock photos and then the items real quick!
Blue Boat Neck Dress
Well, this one is not really my style, but I was curious about how it'd look on me sooo~
It comes with the pearl necklace as well, but I ditched it in the photo, heh.
The dress makes me feel like a nurse AND a mom, haha.

About the quality, it is made of polyester and the quality is nice. It also fit me perfectly! Other than that, it's a bit dangerous to raise your hands in the air, because the dress is very short and well, um...

Outfit Rundown
Wig&Shoes: Spreepicky
Headdress: Local Store
Phone Case: Brave Store
Dress: Sheinside
Bag: Birthday gift from my lovely friend!
The second item is a plain, black, turtle-neck dress.

Black Turtle-Neck Dress
When it comes to plain items, it's easier to coordinate them. You just need to focus on accessoires, or the hair. So you can combine this dress with lots of other items.
The dress is not thick at all, but it's not see through either. The material is listed as cotton blends on their site.
It's very short though, and the skirt is asymmetrical, it was a bit shorter in the back.
So I decided to wear some tights under it!

Outfit Rundown
Hat&Tights&Shoes: Taobao
Wig: LolitaDressesOnline
Phone Case: Brave Store
Socks: Sandy's Shop

My review ends here. Hope you liked the items! My favorite is the black dress so far. How about you? Let me know in the comments!
Bye bye~!


  1. You look fantastic in both!

  2. You look fantastic in both!

  3. Thats a really cute review! Very cute look! :)
    Nice post, I really enjoyed reading! :)

    Stay tuned to my page for future updates!


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