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☆☆Himi'Store Cherry Suspender Skirt+Aymmy Tee Review!

Oh my god, I've got the cutest clothes ever asjfdhkaksj-
First of all, the items I will be reviewing are from Himi'Store on Storenvy!
The store sells a lot of cute items based on Japanese/Harajuku/Lolita fashion and offer free shipping everywhere! Store owner Himi is a very cute and kind person, she'll make sure you are satisfied with her products. (She replies fast, too~.)
 Hm hm hm, about the shipping! The items were shipped on April 8th, and arrived on April 18th!
It's really fast considering the Turkish post office. 
The clothes were packed seperately, and lovely Himi included a cute message with a pair of hairpins and a galaxy tattoo set along with the clothes!
I loved every single thing in the parcel, ahhh~!
Alright! Here is the stock photo of the first item!
I got the black one and if I could marry with my clothes, I'd definitely marry with this one.
The fabric is really nice and rather thick, it also has buttons and zippers on both sides. The straps are adjustable too, so you can adjust the length of the skirt as you want.
I coordinated it with my cherry socks, heehee.
Outfit Rundown
Wig: LolitaDressesOnline
Top: Sheinside
Cherry Suspender Skirt: Himi'Store
Socks: Local Store
Creepers: Ebay
Second item is a Aymmy tee with a Hamburger print on it! It's a replica of Seto Ayumi's new brand Aymmy in the Batty Girls. I'll review it because it is sponsored, but it's a better idea to buy from her store and support her!
Ahh, I love Seto Ayumi so much and I'm always inspired by her when it comes to this style.
Anyway! I got the tee in black as well. The shirt is really nice quality, the print is neat and the patch is sewed on it without any imperfections. It looks rather big on me, but that's how it should look like!
Outfit Rundown
Wig: LolitaDressesOnline
Shirt: Himi'Store
Skirt: Taobao
Socks: Local Store
Shoes: Ebay
I haven't used the tattoos yet, but I'm planning on in future! I will let you know if I do it.
I hope this review is helpful for you and don't hesitate to message Himi if you have any questions about her store. She will make sure you'll be satisfied with her service.
Also, don't forget to check her other products, you'll fall in love with every single thing in her store!
 Bub baii for now~!


  1. Hi Sara! sorry my English bad. You so cute girl ^-^ I am always read your rewiew. I love you so much *-*

  2. yay *-* I love cherry's print <3

  3. oooooow i need that tshirt <333333

    follow you!

  4. Anzu where did u get those shoes from wut are they called? the 2nd last picture


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