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☆☆EzCosplay Hozuki Ferrari Cosplay Wig

Productive Anzu is being productive! 
This is my 11th post in this month, wowow!?
It's a good thing, isn't it? I'm back with another awesome product to review for you.
This tiiiime it's a cosplay wig from the awesome cosplay site Ezcosplay.
Click on the banner to access the site. And you can see their Facebook page here.
They mainly focus on selling high quality cosplay costumes, but I will be reviewing a cosplay wig from their site.
You can see all their cosplay wigs here!
Now now, to the wig I chose. I haven't watched the series, but the wig is Hozuki Ferrari's wig from Galilei Donna. After seeing the character, I decided to watch the series in my free time! She's such a cutie!
A picture of Hozuki Ferrari.
And this is the stock photo on Ezcosplay's website.
It looks really nice quality, and just like the character's hair, don't you think?
So, about the shipping! After ordering this wig, it was sent out in about 4-7 days. It was shipped with DHL airmail and it arrived in 3 days! 
I certainly wasn't expecting it; 3 days!?
I love love love it when my parcels arrive when I'm not expecting them. It's like a nice surprise, even if you know it's coming.
It looked like this when I took it out of the parcel.
It was packed in a plastic package, packed nicely, and was in excellent condition. And what's that!? They even included a surprise for me.
I love surprises!
It was a small sewing/cosplay kit! It had a marker, silicone and all these useful stuff!
Thank you so so much~!
Ready for some photos!?
I tried to style the wig differently, so you can see how different you can look just by fixing the bangs of a wig!
The wig is really silky and it doesn't get tangled easily. It also comes styled like that, but the bangs were covering my sight a little bit, so I cut them shorter afterwards. I also really like the color, it doesn't shine, not even a little bit, and looks a lot like real hair.
And this is how it looked like when I cut the bangs shorter and wore them normally.
I'm sorry but my derp photos will never come to an end.
Anyway, I hope this review was helpful for you and let me know your thoughts about Ezcosplay and the wig in the comments!
See you in the next review!


  1. so cuuute ~ ^^ nice wig.
    i love ur new blog design. ~ ^^

    my blog

  2. I don't know why you think this wig does't suit you it's lovely!! Love the colour so much :3

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  3. Wow the wig is pretty much spot on, nice review! c:

  4. Turuncuya mu kırmızıya mı yakın çözemedim ama sana çok yakışmış uwu

  5. Eğer satmayı düşünüyorsan bu peruğu , hemen alabilirim.

  6. Woahhhh! You are so kawaiiii

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