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☆☆[Holika Holika] Pore Cover Powder Review

I'm back with another product from Cosmetic Love! You can read my previous review about them, here.
I will be reviewing Holika Holika Pore Cover Powder in this review. I was in need of a light colored powder, so I went with this one.
It took around 10-15 days to arrive, great shipping time as usual! The product was in a small cardboard box and it was wrapped with bubble wrap so everything was in excellent condition. They also included some testers along with this product! Unfortunately the tester BB-cream is too dark colored for me, so I ended up throwing it away after testing it on my wrist.
This finishing powder can be applied over foundation or worn alone, is offered in a convenient size.
This microfinish powder sets the foundation and slightly mattifies the skin-without changing its natural contours.
The blooming transparent powder softens the appearance of imperfections and completely evens out the complexion, creating a glowing, radiant look.
And Pore Cover Powder SPF50+ PA+++ works immediately to block out the sun's harmful UVA, UVB, and infrared rays to help prevent sunburn, skin damage, freckling, and discoloration.
The light, matte powder gives the complexion a smooth, radiant, youthful look.

This is how it looks like. ; w ; I really like the package, it's simple and very cute and the small ribbon is so so ashjfjgjfd!! <3
The powder is a really light colors, so unless you have really fair skin, I don't recommend it. Some people might think it's too "ghostly" but it looks great for me! I usually have trouble to find a BB cream or a powder which matches my skin tone. But this is beyond perfect! 
It smells really nice and sweet and doesn't feel thick on my skin at all. It didn't irritate my skin either, but then again it's my first time using this product. 
I will let you know if my opinion changes to a negative one~!
I think it works better than my previous powder, it seems like a lighter color too, maybe that's why. It gives my skin a glowing look and it's really nice, tee hee~!
I think that's all for this post! I hope you enjoyed this review and see you in the next one!
Take care, bub-baii!


  1. what foundation did you use?

  2. aaaah, it's the cutest thing ever *A* now i can't wait to get one for myself *3*
    you look adorable *3*


  3. Did you experience any hardship at the customs? I know that cosmetic purchases are forbidden by law in Turkey (with the efforts of some big cosmetic companies in Turkey because they are losing customers.)


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