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☆☆UNIQSO Kawayii SUPER Big Eyes A-Max Red Review

I'm back with suuuuuper big lenses from UNIQSO! They are from a brand called "Kawayii SUPER Big Eyes" and the name of the lenses are A-Max Red! You can search them as "Kawayii SUPER Big Eyes A-Max Red" just in case, and they will come up. 
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The lenses have a thick black rim around them which I really like. The black rim gives the enlargement effect really well in my opinion. But if you are looking for natural lenses, these are not what you are looking for. These are for a very dramatic effect. The series also have the lenses available in blue, green, gray, pink, brown and violet.
They last for a year and the diameter is... 20 mm!
These are the biggest lenses I'm going to try on. They are almost as big as the sclera ones, wow!
Unfortunately, I can't try scleras, because my eyes are prescripted with a big number. These are close enough, haha!
Please don't forget to rest your lenses in a lens solution for 8 hours after opening their own package. I
f they hurt your eyes, stop using them immediately. Take them out, soak them in their solution again and make sure that they are clean. If they are still uncomfortable, throw them away immediately.
If you find your lenses dry when you open your lens case, DO NOT soak them in their solution and start using them again. They might hurt your eyes, please throw them away and get new ones instead. Unlike the lenses, your eyes can't be replaced and they are very precious.
DO NOT use your lenses longer than their life span. All lenses' life span is written on the website in their description and most of them last for a year after you open them. Even if you've used them just for once, throw them away if they are expired.
Now, I'm going to show you this photo so you can have an idea about how big the lenses are.
See? My own eyes seem so little compared to them! And when the both lenses are in, the makeup suits me much better! False lashes and circle lenses create a very dramatic look together. You can use them only with an eyeliner too, I just prefer it this way.
Uniqso has a section for false lashes too, click here if you want to take a look at them!
Also, I think these lenses would look much better on dark colored eyes. Since the gap for the pupils are wide, my real eye color shows up from there. If I had dark colored eyes, my real eye color would blend in and look like very big pupils instead.
Next, I have some face photos~!

That was a real spam, no?
Heehee, I hope you enjoyed this review and thank you for your time!
See you in the next review, byeee~!


  1. Wigs and Those eyes!!! too much cuteness for my heart to handle at once <3 I like the way the red color from the lenses combines with your iris natural color, it looks pretty cool o:


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