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☆☆UNIQSO White Twilight Crazy Lens Review

I'm so so excited about this post because I tried something new!
I'm also happy with the results, sooooo~!
This review will be about a pair of white lenses from UNIQSO.
You can use the code "anzujaamu" when you checkout and receive a %10 discount!
I actually wanted to try other crazy lenses as well, or maybe scleras, but since my eyes have 6.00 power myopia, I can't try them. ; w ; They usually have plano lenses only for crazy lenses.
BUT! I was wrong. The Twilight brand has some crazy lenses available in precriptions!
Heh, enough with babbling. Let's take a look at the stock photos!

...W-what did you expect, they are just...white lenses okay.
Their diameter is 14.2 mm which is very close to a normal eye. But since these will be covering my eye color to blend with the white part with my eyes, the diameter doesn't matter at all.
Their life span is 12 months. Even if you use them rarely, do not ever use your lenses after they expire. Well, if you treasure your eyes.
Also don't forget to soak your lenses in their solution before using them, for at least 8 hours.
After resting the lenses in the solution, I was ready to try them on.
This time, I wanted to try a creepy/cute makeup with these lenses.
By creepy/cute, I really mean it. I'll be doing one half in a scary style and the other half in a cute style of makeup. This was my first try so I didn't prepare a tutorial, but I will be preparing a tutorial in my free time.
The green lenses are Beuberry Kitten Green.
That was the first part of the makeup. On the left side, I used purple/black/red eyeshadow on my eyebags and blended them together. The rest of it was as usual; eyeliner and false lashes.
The white lens covered my eye really well and blended in! Only my pupils were visible and it really did create a creepy look. However, I find normal circle lenses more comfortable, since the gap in this lens was really small, my vision became white time to time, but ofcourse it got normal in the next second.
Other than this, they were really comfortable and didn't hurt my eyes at all.
On the second part, I wanted to add more stuff to this creepy look, so I ended up adding "cracks" under my eye by using my eyeliner randomly, no really, randomly. I also prepared a base for the smirking mouth with a brown eyeshadow, and used eyeliner on the base.
Here are the results!
Picture heavy, sorry!
I also have an upcoming giveaway for you guys! It should be up on my Facebook page in a few days, so stay tuned, alright!
So, what do you think about the white lenses and the makeup?
Any ideas about how to make it better?
I really want to try different makeup styles in future and I'm open to new ideas!
Please let me know in the comments~!
Bye byeeee!


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