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☆☆UNIQSO I.Fairy Pon Pon Grey Review

I'm back to review new lenses agaaaain~!
This is such a fun thing to do, I'm always curious about how they are going to look like.
I chose to review grey lenses from UNIQSO again, because the stock photo AND the name seemed so cute.
The lenses are called I.Fairy Pon Pon Grey and the stock photo is here.
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They are grey mixed with blue, and kind of a yellow? I don't know, I really liked how they look like because it has three colors mixed, it might look really natural, especially on light colored eyes.
Their diameter is 16.2 mm and life span is 12 months!
They came with FedEx along with a few other lenses, I mentioned the shipping quality in my other lens review here!
The only problem is that  one of these lenses were defected. When I put them in they felt like they didn't sit right on my eyes and since I'm reaaaally paranoid about these stuff, I took them out immediately and examined them. I thought it had a hair fibre in it and soaked them in their solution again, rubbed them softly but it didn't come off. Turns out they were scratched. Now, this is really important. You should NEVER EVER use any kind of lenses if they feel uncomfortable in your eyes. If they are uncomfortable, throw them away, you can get new lenses. But you can't replace your precious eyes.
This wasn't UNIQSO's fault, because they couldn't have known these lenses were defected, as they come in little glass bottles which can't be opened other than the buyer themselves. 
The factory of these lenses was Dueba,(Barbie Ash Blue lenses) and I've read a blog post about defected Dueba lenses before. I will be staying away from Dueba lenses from now on, just in case.
Ofcourse, I e-mailed UNIQSO immediately and Lee Lee apologised and told me not to use them, to throw them away immediately because my eyes are important. She offered to send me new lenses in order to replace them and she was really concerned about it, I'm grateful.
Here is how you can ask for replacement of your lenses. It is quite quick and easy procedure. If you notice any of these symptoms; know this that you have to prevent your eyes from these circle lenses since they might be damaged.
I assume she will also make Dueba know about this.
If I ignored the discomfort and continued to use these lenses, I don't know what could've happened. It freaks me out. I will be extra careful from now on.
Here is how the lenses looked like when I took them out of the parcel.
The packaging is really different than the other lenses I got before! The bunny behind it is sooo cute too. The packaging is actually a lot like my normal contact lenses, they don't come in glass bottles. Still, I had trouble getting them out, the cover was nicely sealed.
After soaking them in their solution for at least 8 hours, I was ready to use them.
They blended so well with my natural eye color! However, I found it boring personally, because I'm bored of my own eye color, haha. Still, they look really natural. About the enlargement, I'm not sure if it's because I'm looking up at the camera, but the lenses seemes like they are smaller than 16.2 mm diameter. They still enlarge my eyes pretty well though!
They are really comfortable! I didn't have to use eyedrops at all, and wore them all day. (But less than 8 hours ofcourse. I try not to pass 8 hours a day when wearing circle lenses.)
I will also include some face photos as well. Hope you like them!
How do you like my asymmetrical eyes? Haha! God, I look so weird.
Another shot. Take it as a sneak peek from the upcoming Etsy reviews~! So many cute stuff, tee hee.
I think that's all for this review. I hope this helped you to decide on the lenses you want.
Thank you so much for reading and have an amazing day!


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