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☆☆Dolluxe Whiplash Attack&Underlash A Review

This post will be about the second part of Dolluxe's review!
A quick summary!
Dolluxe sells amazing premium false lashes, and their creator is also the creator of Gothic Lolita Wigs&Rockstar Wigs.
As I stated in my previous Dolluxe review, I got 4 packs of eyelashes in mail and it took around 20 days to arrive from USA. It is fast for me, my wig from GLW actually took a lot longer than that before!
The items I will be reviewing are Whiplash Attack top lashes and Underlash A bottom lashes.
Let's see the stock photos first.
The design resembles Harajuku Honey, but they have little differences. Harajuku Honey seems thicker and the lashes get really short on the inner corner of the eye. Whiplash attack is really long, but less thicker and has small gaps between the lashes. But they are long on the inner corner of the eye, unlike Harajuku Honey. I'm a fan of sideswept lashes, so I really like this design as well!
This design is a lot different than Underlash B. Underlash B looks messier compared to Underlash A, but that's what I like about Underlash B. I prefer Underlash B personally, but I really love these lashes too.
Also, I cut my bottom lashes in three pieces and use them like that, it's easier to apply them according to my eye shape like that.
Thanks to the thick band, it's really easy to apply enough amount of eyelash glue! After that I carefully sticked them on the eyeliner, and used a second layer of eyeliner, just in case if the eyelash glue is visible.
They didn't come of easily either, I'm really happy with both the quality and how they look on my eyes!
When I took them off, I cleaned the glue as much as I could before placing them back into their packages, that way I can use them several times.
Here are some face photos!
Hihi, I love how dramatic they look~
; v ;
I hope this review was helpful for you to decide which lashes you want to get.
Thank you and see you later!


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