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☆☆LolitaDressesOnline Brown Mixed Green Long Curly Wig Review

Hey hey!
Are you having a wonderful day?

I hope you are!
Today, I'll be reviewing a wig from LolitaDressesOnline.
I did another review for them in past and the wig they sent was nice quality. I'm expecting the same quality this time too.
However, I can't assure you that everything on their page is high quality.

Please buy the other items at your own risk.
I will only be reviewing a wig in this review and even if it's a sponsored review, I will be stating MY opinion.
Thanks in advance~!

To be honest, I'm not sure when they shipped the item, so I can't really tell you how many days it took to arrive. But the wig was packed nicely in it's own plastic bag and net. So, when you open your parcel you will find your wig nicely packaged in it's own plastic bag.
The bangs come unstyled unlike the other wig I got from them, so you can cut them according to your face shape.

Let me show you the stock photo, first.
The model is so cute ahsjdkaslhfds. ; w ; The wig definitely looks adorable on her! It looks soft and shiny.
The real wig is accurate to this photo. It was soft and it felt like real hair. When I wore it outside, I got a lot of compliments from my friends. They told me it didn't look like a wig at all and told me to wear this wig everyday, haha!
But still, I wish it didn't have the green color in it. It would look much more cuter like that, in my opinion.

I guess it's time for my own photos!
 I seriously feel like an alien without my lower lashes, oh gosh. ; _ ;
I don't know why I posed like this. It just... happened. And turned out better than the other photos, haha.
I love the golden color part of this and I know I said that before but I wish it didn't have the green color. Aaaahhh, gotta cut this wig short or find a golden/brown wig like that!
So far I'm really happy with this wig. I do my best to look after it well so it didn't get tangled at all.
I definitely recommend LolitaDressesOnline's wigs but I'm not sure about their other products because I haven't seen any of them.
I hope you enjoyed this review and see you later cuties~!


  1. Why are you so beautiful? QwQ This wig looks so perfect and it looks great on you pls don't sell *w*

  2. I like the green quite a bit. Sorry that you don't! ;n;
    But it would go so well with mermaid/seapunk themed things. Maybe if you try putting it in pigtails and swirling the green in with the gold you'll like it?

  3. it looks so cute and yeah i was abut to buy it the other day but i don't care for the green part, just doesn't fit my style personally. so if you find one like it without the green please let us know! <3

  4. you look so gorgeous without the lower lashes *^* and with~

  5. Just scrolled your blog recommendation on tumblr!^_^
    I'm envy with your cutenessssssss!!!!;_;
    I'm gonna grow my hair longer and style it like your wig:D
    Btw u still look cuteeeeeeeeee even though u dont wear lower lashes!>< ><

    I dare you to take a step to my blog><
    Adventure of P-Chaaaaan!!

  6. wow the wig looks very soft and realistic, I like the dark green colour it looks very good on you!

  7. nice wig + a beautiful girl = Awesome

  8. I've looked at this wig before and It looks wonderful on you :D


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