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☆☆Sandy's Shop Review

Well, hello there once again!
I'm back to write a review for two pairs of socks today. One is thigh high stockings and the other one is skeleton thights!
And they are from this adorable shop again.

Don't forget to use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount at Sandy's Shop!
I was in love with the last items Sandy sent me for my previous review and I knew that I was going to love the new ones too~! There were too many items to choose from, so it was hard for me to decide, to be honest.
After I chose the items, Sandy shipped them out without making me wait and mailed me the tracking number. It took 8 days to arrive! It was incredibly fast, just like the last time. The socks were packed in their own plastic bag too, so they were unharmed. Sandy also included a cute note and a candy next to them, it was soooo yummy ; w ; Sweets are my weakness, hehe.
Now, let's see the first item.
This pair looks so cute! I mean I owned a pair of white stockings before but I think the "fishnet" design is what makes these interesting!
Unfortunately because of my legs, they didn't sit on my legs like in the photo and I had to pulled them all the way up so they could stay still and not slide down. Even if I used a garter, they wouldn't sit on my legs, but that's because of me, not because of the stockings. (But I managed to take a nice photo before they slided down, yes!)
Outfit Rundown
Wig: LolitaDressesOnline
Dress: Sheinside (Review coming soon!)
Socks: Sandy's Shop
Shoes: Taobao
To the next item~!
Skeleton Tights
I bought a pair of skeleton tights off Taobao around a year ago but they got ripped after a few times I wore it. I was searching for a pair of thick, good-quality tights because of that and I found these! Unlike the ones I got last year, they seemed thicker and the print looked nice too.
It was as I expected! These tights are much thicker than the ones I got before. But I wore them carefully just in case, to not rip them. The print looks just like in the photo too and it didn't fade out even if I wore them a few times.
I'd recommend these if you're looking for some nice tights for your creepycute coords.
Outfit Rundown
Wig: GLW
Shirt: Ebay
Shorts: Local Store
Tights: Sandy's Shop
Shoes: Taobao
A little reminder~!
Don't forget to use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount at Sandy's Shop!
I guess this review is over now. Hope I could help you with this post and see you in my next review, alright cuties?
Bye bye!


  1. First, I am in love with your style and I don't understand how a human being can be so cute.

    Second, do you have a link or search terms for the creepycute eye shirt? I tried looking for it but couldn't find it! >(ㅇㅅㅇ)<


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