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☆☆UNIQSO I.Fairy Rose Blue&80 cm Black Wig Review

Hi everyone~!
Sorry for being inactive these few days, as I said in my previous post, I can hardly find any time to write new reviews because of the upcoming important exam. ; w ;
I will be graduating from high school in 3 days too! After the graduation, I will visit my dad for a few days but I'll try my best to remain active on my accounts so don't worry cuties~.
As you know, Uniqso has started selling cosplay wigs next to their circle lenses~!
They have many wigs to choose from and all their designs look adorable. I got two wigs from them as well as some lenses and I will be reviewing one at a time in my reviews.
The code "anzujaamu" can be used for the wigs for a %10 discount as well!
I got a short purple wig and a long black wig from them and in this review, I will be reviewing the black one.
About the shipping. The lenses and wigs were shipped out from different locations, also with different shipping options. The lenses were shipped out by FedEx and they arrived in 5 days! I wasn't expecting them, it was such a nice surprise, tee hee!
The two wigs were shipped out with Standart Shipping. It took longer than usual. Standart shipping is a good choice if you don't need the items urgently, because this option is way cheaper. It takes around 15-30 days and my items took 17 days to arrive. It can be considered fast for standart shipping.
However, because of the Turkish post office, the cardboard box was kind of smashed, as well as the wigs. There weren't any unrecoverable damage though! These wigs are heat resistant, so I only needed to use a hair straightener to fix them! They were back to excellent condition after I took care of them.
Let me show you the stock photos of the items I'll be reviewing first.
The lenses are from the I.Fairy brand and they are blue. Honestly, if I could marry a pair of lenses, they would be from this brand.
Use the code anzujaamu for a %10 discount on all items!
Judging from the stock photo, I though these lenses would look vibrant or at least blend with my natural eye color which is blue, but they turned out more like a dark blue color. Depending on the lighting, they might look really dark like a black color even on light colored eyes. Still, I like them very much because of the adorable design and the comfort level!
They have a diameter of 16.2 mm too, which is my favorite. Bigger lenses mean a way more dramatic look.
In this lighting, their blue was more visible. I also love how the rose design gives a whirlpool effect.
I combined these lenses with the black wig I got from Uniqso, so let me show you the wig's stock photo as well.
Use the code anzujaamu for a %10 discount on all items!
I've always wondered how a long black wig would look on me so when I saw Uniqso listing this wig in their store, I made up my mind. I was going to give it a try!
The wig has enough hair so your hair net or the inside of the wig won't be showing up! It has a soft, silky touch too, which I really like. However, you should be careful as it's a very long wig, it can get tangled easily. You should look after it well and brush it gently with patience when it gets tangled.
It also comes unstyled, so you should expect the bangs really long. You can cut it according to your face afterwards.
I don't think I did a good job on that, because I was too scared to cut it too much, haha. Still, I did my best. ; u ;
The reason I chose this wig is also the character named Kanon from Litchi Hikari Club. 
The photos I took with this wig are inspired by her even if I look nothing like her!
Yay for the red lipstick! Never using it again.
It looks kind of blue-ish on the right photo, huh?
Aaaaand this one is before I used the red lipstick. Aw man, my lips always look so chapped.
Hmm, I think that's all for this review, everyone!
I hope it was helpful for you and I apologize for my weird looks in these photos. ; w ;
Soooo, see you in the next review, okay~!?


  1. You look very cute and I really like your reviews! The black wig suits you very well, just like the lenses!!

    BTW: Good luck for your exam!!

  2. OMG!
    You`re PERFECT<3=3

  3. You look gorgeous as always. Thanks for this review!

  4. Great review! I just wanted to say that it would be great that you put a followers widget in your blog. It would be easier to follow your posts! >.<

  5. A really well made review, inspiring!! :')

  6. OMG! black hair looks amazing on you :)

  7. You look like Junji Ito's Tomie! Very cute

  8. Your photos disappeared! ;C


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