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☆☆UNIQSO I.Fairy Star Blue&Pointy False Lashes Review

I'm back with new lenses from Uniqso~!
Don't forget to use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
This time I will review a pair of blue ones with a star design.
So let me tell you about the shipping!
It took around one week, because the parcel was shipped with FedEx. But please be careful about the customs if you are choosing a private shipping company. Do not buy BB-cream if you are going to choose DHL or FedEx ( and if you live in Turkey) because there is a high chance it will get stuck in customs. My parcel didn't contain any cosmetics other than two pairs of false lashes, so I received my parcel without any problem.
Everything was packed nicely and the lens bottles were in Uniqso's cute boxes&wrapped with bubble wrap, so they were unharmed as well!
This is the stock photo of the lenses.
Don't forget to use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
As I saw the huge gap in the middle of the lenses, I knew I had to choose this one. When I plan on getting a light colored lens (blue, green,gray), I tend to choose the ones which has a gap like this. That's because I have blue eyes and I like it when the lenses blend with my real eye color!
And the star design made me fall in love with these lenses, it looks adorable. I figured it'd look really cute in light when my pupils got smaller. Since the blue is darker than my real eye color, the star design would be really visible.
The lenses also have a diameter of 16.2 mm. Mhm, my favorite!
The lashes are from Uniqso too. They are from the pointy series.
When it comes to lashes, I awasy prefer the pointy ones like this one. They work better than the thick lashes, for a dramatic look.
The lashes can be used again if you look after them well. The band is thick and nice quality, so it will stay unharmed for a long time if you keep them clean after using them!
Don't forget to soak your lenses in their solution for at least 8 hours before wearing them! After resting my lenses in their solution, I was ready to try them on.
Just like I guessed, the blue was darker than my real eye color, so I got the star effect! It's more visible in the other photos I'm going to show you.
The lashes are really good, by the way. They are one of my favorites so far. I think they also give a natural look, they are not too thick or not too long and sajkdhsfksh I LOVE THEM.
Sorry, couldn't stay calm.
The lenses are one of the most comfortable lenses I've ever got. I wore them around 6 hours I think and I didn't even use a tear drop. They didn't hurt or get dry. Way to go, I.Fairy brand! I love you!
The Barbie brand can stay away from me, I'm terrified of them. ; w ;
They also enlarged my eyes really well! Even if I preferred not to use lower lashes, my eyes looked big and cute~!
But I still miss my lower lashes asdjhfjs. Edniz told me I looked cuter without them with these lenses, so I went with this look.
I took so many photos for these lenses because they turned out really good.
So far these are one of my favorites!
I also really like how the colors of lenses,wig and the shirt matched!
The right one looks like I'm in pain, lol.
Hey ladies, I hope you liked this review of mine. I will see you tomorrow with a wig review from LolitaDressesOnline. Are you excited to read it?
If not, let me show you a sneak peak photo.
It makes me look mature, what do you think?
I will show you the rest of the photos tomorrow!
Bye bye for now and take care!


  1. Ahh you are so adorable!! >w< The brown wig in the last photo really suits you :))

  2. Omg! These lenses look so perfect on you! <3

  3. I Fairy Star Blue almost look grey on you :)

    Your eyes are so sparkling; circle lenses do brighten up the eyes; but yours are so enticing. Do you use some kind of sparkling drops?

    1. Haha, you are right! I think that's because my real eye is showing up and it's a lighter color.

      Ah, not at all. I take the photos in good lighting though. I've never heard such thing as sparkling drops, wow.

  4. you are so cute** Where did you bought the blue wig?


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