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☆☆Sheinside Outfit Post

It hasn't been a while at all, buuuut I'm back with a new outfit post for Sheinside!
Summer is here even though it's been rainy and cold in my city, so I will be reviewing some cute dresses for you.
I actually like rain but I started to hate it this last week... They say it won't stop raining for another week sajklfsdfj HELP. ;_;
The shipping didn't take too long but it didn't take a short time either. It was average, around 15-25 days. All the items were packed nicely and they came in excellent condition even though it was raining SO MUCH in Turkey.
I'm glad!
Shall we take a look at the stock photo of the first item, then?
I really really love this dress' design! Lots and lots of flowers and a lace design..
It doesn't have any zipper and it's stretchy. Please be careful and check the size cart carefully before ordering it!
I also apologize for the bad lighting. The weather has been so... Meh. And I couldn't manage to catch a good light in my room.
Ah! And I ordered a pair of matching shoes with these white dresses, but it'll take some time for them to arrive soooo I apologize for my coord fails too.
Outfit Rundown
Flower Crown: Handmade
Dress: Sheinside
Socks: Sandy's Shop ( Review coming!)
Shoes: I can't remember where I got them but Spreepicky has them!
(Use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!)
The second item is a white dress as well. It's a plain one though.
I think this dress is screaming "summer!"
It'd look adorable worn on a swimsuit or it can be combined with some nice accessories for a summer-night-out coord. 
This dress might need some ironing when you receive it. It also doesn't have any zipper and is stretchy. You can adjust the straps according to yourself.
I'm really happy with dress. It's simple, but has a cute design.
Also, I found a white ribbon in my room when I wore this dress and boom!
This happened, I felt like a bride, haha.
Outfit Rundown
Wig: LolitaDressesOnline
Socks: Sandy's Shop
Shoes: Spreepicky
Third item is a white floral dress as well. Except, it has a print!
Isn't it pretty? ; w ; 
I have a thing for organza dresses too, so I was so excited to have this dress in my wardrobe. 
It has a zipper on it's back so it's easier to wear it. Still, please check the size chart before ordering because this dress will not stretch.
Outfit Rundown
Wig: LolitaDressesOnline
Socks: Sandy's Shop
Shoes: Spreepicky
I used the same socks and shoes for all dresses, aren't I a clever girl?
I wish my shoes could speed up a little bit and arrive, they'd look so good with dresses but I couldn't wear them. Damn it.
Still! I promise to do my very best from now on!! (I hope, at least.)
I also hope this review was helpful for you and I guess it's time to say good bye.
Have a nice day/night~!


  1. OMG, the Floral Organza Dress looks totally cute *A* i've been searching for a pretty floral dress for ages, and now that in Italy is extremely hot i want a fresh summer-y dress even more *3*
    You look lovely in all of them btw~


    1. Ahh, yes! I love it so much too! It's perfect for summer and can be combined with so many stuff ; w ; Thank you!

  2. These outfits are all cute! And yay for stretchy dresses! I actually think the simple one is best though. I know it would suit me and cleavage wouldn't be a problem! ;~; That's always my problem. .

    1. Ahh, same here! But since the strap is adjustable, you can adjust the cleavage part too. For example, I pulled it up because my bust is small ; w ;

  3. I loved the outfits! they are so cute! and you are so lovely! <3 From Chile!

  4. Those dresses are so cute! I love the first one, simple yet cute. ^__^

  5. What size did you get on the floral organza dress??


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