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☆☆Romwe Outfit Post

I'm back with another outfit post, featuring Romwe's new items!
Shop Romwe
They are some colorful ones, I hope you will like them as much as I do!
As always, I was kind of slow in taking photos of them even though I received the parcel in about 20 days. Each were packed in their own plastic parcel, I guess this is only normal for the websites who are selling clothes, huh?
So let's see the first item.
Even though it is nowhere near Halloween, I had to get this for next year. 
(We don't celebrate it in Turkey, but I would love to dress up by myself, haha) 
The top part of it is see-through and made of sheer I think, which is a dark color, but still see-through. I DEFINITELY recommend that you wear a bra under it, maybe a strapless one, but wear it. D:
I went with a strapped one, which had green straps, I thought it would match well with the orange pumpkin.
Outfit Rundown
Wig: FloralDays
Dress: Romwe
Tights&Socks&Shoes: Taobao

Next one is a simple T-shirt but with a very cute print.
Disney Multicolor Shirt
I loved the characters on it! They look as if a different kind of chibis of the Disney characters. I could spot my favorites too- Stitch and Mike Wazoski!
The shirt has a nice material which didn't make me sweat like uncontrollably, it also fit me just perfect. But I think the sizes are smaller than the other shirts on the site so make sure to check the measurements before ordering anything!
Outfit Rundown
Wig: CoserStudio
Shirt: Romwe
Skirt: I remember writing a review for them, but I don't remember the store atm ;_;
Socks: Taobao
Shoes: Ebay

Last but not least, a strawberry shirt!
Strawberry T-shirt
This one is not only cute but it also has a different texture than the other items. It's thicker and seemed higher quality to me. It has a VERY soft texture. It says that it's made of cotton, but seriously, it feels different than the other, dunno.
It comes in one-size, but still make sure to check the measurements before ordering. For me, it doesn't sit on me just perfect but it isn't baggy either. Judging from it's texture and the way it feels, I wouldn't prefer it to sit on me perfectly, to be honest. 
This way is just perfect for me.
Outfit Rundown
Wig&Socks: Taobao
Jacket&Skirt: Sheinside
T-shirt: Romwe
Unfortunately, my review ends here~!
I wish I had more to show, but I will have a lot to show you in future anyway!
Make sure to stay tuned!
Bye bye until then!


  1. Aaah, super cute as always!
    Me and my partner actually recently placed an order at Romwe too and I remember seeing some of the items you're reviewing/wearing there! :'D Can't wait to get our stuff; we found out about Romwe thanks to you!

  2. That disney chibi shirt is actually a shirt for the game Tsum Tsum!! You play it through Line and your little characters you can 'play' as are all disney characters. My favourite to use is Elsa cause she can help get a pretty high score

  3. cute as always! I really like that strawberry shirt! ^-^♡

  4. You should totally try playing Disney's TSUM TSUM! It's really fun and may get quite addictive hahaha! :>

  5. Ahh I really love the wig you're wearing in the first photo~ where is it from? ?-?

  6. Love all your picks! The Disney shirt from actually based off the Line game Tsum Tsum and you should play it because it's very fun! (I'm not sure if the game is available in Turkey...)

  7. The last outfit is my favourite of the outfits even though I love them all c:


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