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☆☆Alienmoé Choker Review

Good afternoon~!
How are you? I hope you are good!
I finally found some time to edit my new photos and I'm back with a new review for an adorable store.
The shop's name is Alienmoé Shop and the owner creates all of the products on her own. They are her original designs and I must say that I'm absolutely in love with them! Especially the creepy-ish products!
What I got from here were two chokers, each different themed. It took about 10-15 days to arrive, which I consider fast for my country. The chokers were in small sheer pockets which were pale pink and white-ish. Adorable packaging and an adorable note, I was super happy and satisfied!
Let's see the first choker now!
Creepy, but somehow I find them very cute. Their charms are tooth shaped, pretty realistic too and covered in just a little bit blood. You get to choose the choker color from these 5 colors, 3 pastel, 2 darker ones. I went with the red one, because I thought it would match with the blood on the tooth.
I look evil ooooh-
Let's end it with an innocent one, though.
Moving ooon~
I have a thing when it comes to transparent and pale colored materials, so I chose this as the second choker. The best thing about this is that you get to choose the mini bow's color, as well as it's charm, and the lovely Michelle will create it just for you.
I was allowed to choose from these charms;
It was a difficult decision and after taking a long time deciding between 2 and 3, I went with 3, choosing a pink bow with it.
These were all for my review, but the shop's products aren't over with the chokers I got! Make sure to check out the store, especially have a look at the doll face chokers&rings and the harnesses!
Bye bye until my next post, love you!


  1. May I ask from where is the lovely wig? x3 Looking cute as always!! <3

    1. Blue is from Taobao, brown is from CosQueen!

  2. Kawaii
    Where are the videos? haha

  3. baby you so pretty

  4. you look pretty as always, the tooth choker is cute♡

  5. lensleri nerden aldın çok güzel :3

  6. Ahh Anzu you're so cutee ><! I really liked both chokers as well ^^~

  7. They look so cute! The tooth one was really creative :D

  8. Where did you get that adorable bunny sweater? ;-; <3


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