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☆☆UNIQSO I-Codi Colors If The Wind/Orange Lenses&Amnesia Heroine Wig Review

Hello again~!
How are you feeling?
Pissed off because tomorrow is Monday?
Me? Oh, yes. I have to go work on my projects after I post this review, wish me luck. ;_;

I will be reviewing a wig and a pair of lenses for today's post!
I got them from Uniqso.
I used express shipping for both products. They are shipped from different warehouses, so they arrived seperately. I think the lenses arrived with DHL and the wigs with Aramex.
They both took about 3-4 days after they were shipped out. 
Super fast!
You can use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!Even though it says Orange in it's name, the lenses look more of a brown shade in both the stock photo and real life. I wasn't expecting a dramatic effect with these lenses, so I'm okay with them not being too vibrant. They are perfect for a natural, or a gyaru inspired look. 
They also arrived with a lens case next to them so all you have to do is to get a lens solution for them.
On light eyes, your real eye color will show up, because the pupil hole is a lot wider than normal lenses but I think it will give the enlargement effect the best on dark colored eyes. (with 15 mm enlarging effect!)
This brand has prescripted lenses up to -8.50 power, so make sure to check out the other colors of the brand if you have high myopia like me. 
(My eyes are -6.00!)
Also, they are very comfortable and I was able to wear them up to 8 hours without having any problems!
You can use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
The wig I chose is a cosplay wig for the heroine from Amnesia, but my purpose wasn't to cosplay her.
(I haven't watched it nor played the game.)
I really liked the color of this wig as well as the style and thought it would work great for a more natural look.
The base wig has straight bangs, but they do not come styled, you will have to cut them according to your face shape. It has soft curls in the ends of it, which gives it a cute effect. It also comes with a detachable hair bun! However it doesn't have a hair clip. It had elastic strings in it, I think you are supposed to tie a part of the base wig and make it sit on the tied hair. 
I had a bit difficulty doing that, so I ended up making it stay up with a few hair pins. Works better, and is more secure in my opinion!
And without the bun.

I have many photos of this look, but I won't be posting all of them in this review.
I took my photos step by step as I did my makeup that day, so that I could prepare a mini-makeup tutorial including the blush, so I will be posting the rest of the photos with it in future.
I hope you don't mind!
So see you in my next post and bye bye~!


  1. OMG, you look lovely as always! ;u;
    Thank you so much for reviewing the Orange I-Codi lenses - I had been wondering if they were really orange or not! So happy to see that you reviewed them because you have light eyes like me! Thanks, really!!

  2. You look adorable!! Those lenses and that wig! ♥ Love the colors on you!


  3. Wow these lenses! I've been curious about orange lenses so thanks for showing pics! <3
    Also your derp face is glorious, it made my night. XD
    You look so cute too... :')
    Good luck for your projects! You're not the only one who is pissed because tomorrow is Monday... :c

  4. I like the make up you did with the lenses~ and the wig looks natural and matches with the lenses too hehe ^^

  5. oh i-codi is really wonderful collection of lenses** i have 3 peirs and have you seen a kiwe color? it's looks really kiwi ** your eyes are wonderful with them **
    Thanks for sharing~
    I follow you on gfc. ~♥ Hope that you like my blog too~ xx
    follow back~ My new post♥


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