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☆☆LolitaDressesOnline Ankle Shoes&Infanta Headdress Review

Ahhh! I am way too late to write this, I am so sorry!
I have had this review in my queue, but somehow missed it and forgot to publish it, so here you go!

I will be reviewing a pair of lolita shoes and a headdress for this one.
They are from LolitaDressesOnline!
Some of their products are indie brands which can be found in China, and some of them remind me of Milanoo so be careful yo! Make sure to stick to the brand section when shopping there. Also, the wigs and shoes are pretty nice as well~!
The two items arrived with the same parcel, the shoes packed in a shoe box and the headdress in a plastic bag.
Infanta Sweet Cotten Print Alice Story Lolita KC
The bow is from the indie brand Infanta. I already own their Creamy Cat salopette so I knew about their quality. I went with this one because I am planning on getting some items according to this headdresses's color.
Here are some details. It arrived according to the photo, but not as puffy because it's been pressed in the parcel. It wasn't difficult to make it come back to it's usual self though!
Here is a photo of me wearing it. I still didn't have anything suitable for it, so forgive me please!
As for the shoes, these looked really different to me.
White Ankle Design PU Sweet Lolita Shoes
It's as if they were trying to be boots but gave up the halfway!
Just kidding, I really liked the different, unique design, so I had to go with these ones. A simple white heeled shoe would be boring!
So I checked the size chart and chose the correct size for my feet. You can check it at the product page as well. Make sure to measure your feet correctly. If you do so, you won't have any problems size-wise.
And here are some detailed shots for you to see and judge!
I have only done a few outfits with them so far because of the cold weather, and here is one of them.
(You can check my previous review for the outfit rundown!)

And this was all for today!
Thanks for taking your time to read my late, LATE review!
See you later and bub baii! 


  1. Nice shoes! They're a lucky find, I'm happy for you. :) They suit you well too.
    I want pretty shoes too but I'm too tall for heels... and they all have HEELS. ;_;

  2. Omg both the bow and shoes are so cutee ;~; they look so cute on you too T-T

  3. I honestly think this hair looks great with the headdress, couldn't have done any better! The shoes are lovely, gorgeous find!

    ❤ Little Owl's Diary

  4. Those light blue contacts look incredible on you! You look like you have stepped right out of Alice in Wonderland. So pretty!

    - Sarah
    Oh So Kawaii

  5. Second outfit is LOVELY!
    Too bad the dress is sold out on Sheinside (╥_╥)

    Hope you can post more often ! ! ~

  6. These shoes are so cute and suit you so much!


  7. You are pretty in that wig! <3


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