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☆☆JahhmanDelight Custom Phone Case Review

Hi guys~!
It's a little unusual for me to post a review in the middle of the week, but here I am!
This one will be a little bit different. It's for a custom-made decoden phone case!
The lovely Jahhman messages me on Instagram to ask if I woud like a phone case and I was so happy! She even let me choose the theme aaaaand I went with Hisoka from HunterxHunter!
We decided that it would be great to use some deck of cards' symbols for the case, as Hisoka fights with them and even his outfit is card&clown themed.
She got them done super quick with some other custom orders, I think it took her about 5-6 days to craft about 3-5 cases? I can't remember it clearly because I'm so late to write this review.
(Sorry, Jahhman!)
To get a decoden case, you can either buy it from her shop buy choosing one of her designs, or choose a custom-listing from her shop so that she can craft the exact case you want.
Shop JahhmanDelight
Just click the link and take a look at the listings, or click on the "Contact" button and ask her if she can craft a phone case you designed! So far, as her listings say, a custom-case with one main figurine costs about 25 USD. Since Hisoka doesn't have a mini-figurine, mine didn't have any. Instead, she made two small pins of Hisoka's art and made them sit on the case with an interesting composition including the symbols and silicone which looks like whipped cream.
As you can see from the photo, it also had a red-purple gradient skeleton hand on it. The colors of it matched Hisoka really well!
Another closeup, so you can see the cabocons better.

I had a small problem with it though. This was not Jahhman's fault. I can judge and say this, because when I received the parcel, I remember it clearly that the case was wrapped in a bubble wrap(quite thick too), and I had a hard time taking it out, I had to use some scissors.
But when I took the case out I realized that the big heart cabocon was slightly damaged. 
It looked as if it was smashed into the pieces, but they were staying together just fine, as they were glued to the silicone whipped cream strongly.
I touched it, slightly grabbed it but they don't seem to fall down. I have been using the case for a while too, but just in case, I asked Jahhman what I can do about it, which she told me that I could fix it easily with a certain brand of glue she uses. I couldn't find it in my town, but I found out the glue is being sold online for a few dollars, so I will be getting it and fixing the cabocon so I won't be having any problems with it in future!
Shop JahhmanDelight
Overall, I really liked the design and I really respect Jahhman's crafting skills for doing this so cleanly! I am still blaming the post office, because I have had many problems like this with them before. 
(Once they cut one of my hats while examining the parcel.)
Anyway, I hope you liked this review!
I will be writing more in the future, see you 'till then!
Bye byeeee!


  1. What a cute case! I have been looking to get a cute new cover for my iPhone, so I will look into getting one from your friends shop :)
    - Sarah

  2. Omg my trash bae I love hisoka I wonder if they could make a killua zoldyk case for me? 😊

  3. Omg awesome case. Hisoka is awesome.

  4. It is amazing and pretty case. Really very awesome.
    Custom Mobile case

  5. A case or cover can go a long way in protecting smartphones from damage, but there are thousands of different cases for different phones, which sometimes makes it hard to find the right one.


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