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☆☆Cosqueen Lavender Wig&Clip Bangs Review

I'm back to review a new adorable shop this time~!
The owner, Gen, sells a few adorable wigs, clip bangs, circle lenses and awesome anime-themed keychains at her shop Cosqueen!
Use the code "ANZU10" on your purchases at Cosqueen for a %10 discount!
I will be reviewing two items from her shop, but I can't really say anything about the shipping time, since I'm not sure when she shipped the items out. But I can say that the items were well-packed and arrived in excellent condition inside it's parcel. She also included an adorable note/sticker for me! The note was actually a sticker and it was so so cute. ; w ; <3
Let me show the first item, quick!
This is a very cute, ombre, pastel colored wig! The top of it is lavender and to the bottom, it fades to a pink color. It's made of synthetic, heat-resistant fibers, so you can use a hair straightener or a hair curler on it! But I preferred it curly, so I didn't style it again.
The wig has a lot of hair and the hair is thick, so it won't show your wig cap from under the wig. That way you can tie it into pigtails, buns, etc.
I really like trying different hair styles with me wig so I went with pigtails and twin buns!
 I think it'd go well with a fairy-kei style~!
The second item is the clip bangs!
There are a lot of color choices and I got the crimson color!
This item is really useful if you are tired of wearing the same wig but don't want to get another one! You can also use it on your hair. It has 2 small clips under it so you can attach it to your hair or wig easily. Once you attach&clip it, they'll hold onto the hair and stay there! It's silky like a regular wig so it'll blend with the wig or hair ok!
I was inspired by Seto Ayumi so used it on my brown/green wig.
Aaaand these are the last photos of this review~!
Don't forget to use the code "ANZU10" on your purchases at Cosqueen for a %10 discount!
Sooo this review ends here!
I hope you enjoyed it and I hope it was helpful.
Let me know in the comments if you have any questions for me!
Bye bye until the next post!



  2. i cant find that wig on their site, its really cute!

  3. Oouuuww Sugoi desu.. Kawaiiii ^^

  4. is the clip bang dark pink or really crimson? i mean reddish o.o it looks like a little pink to me o.o

  5. The wig looks a lot more blue-ish on your pictures than in the stock foto (which is more pink).. Which picture do you think is more accurate? Looks amazing on you btw ^-^

  6. You look cery cute with it... and with all that you wear jaja

  7. Those wigs look amazing on you! I love the colour

  8. I really, really, really loved the color of the first wig and amount of hair!! They look really nice quality! :DD Thanks for sharing, Anzu!


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