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☆☆UNIQSO I.Fairy Nova Green&Short Purple Wig Review

How are youuuu~?
Not counting my last review, I've been inactive these days and I apologize!
I came to my dad's house to stay for a few days so I couldn't update much. I missed him a lot, so this small trip is really refreshing for me!
Though I'll be back to studying full power in 2 days.
I'm so sorry for bothering you with all these text buuuut!

 I also graduated from high school last week and I wanted to share it with you!
The university acceptance exam is on 8 August, wish me luck!
Let's move onto the review so I can show you some new amazing products from Uniqso!
Use the code anzujaamu for a %10 discount on all items!
As for the shipping, you can check my previous review here, these items came in the same parcel as them.
In this post, I will be reviewing a pair of green lenses(how surprising!) and a short, lilac wig from Uniqso.
Use the code anzujaamu for a %10 discount on all items!
As usual, I couldn't give up on both the I.Fairy brand and green lenses. I really like bright colors on lenses because I think they look great on light eyes. These lenses give different effects on light and dark eyes, but judging from the stock photos, I think it would look better on dark eyes!
As expected from the I.Fairy Brand, these lenses are comfortable throughout the day. Right after putting them in my eyes, I used eye drops and they didn't dry out at all! ( I wore it shorter than 8 hours by the way. )
The diameter is also 16.2 mm, which is my favorite and it enlarges eyes really well. My eyes are pretty wide so they look like this. If your eyes aren't as wide as mine, the iris will look much bigger on your eyes.
Also see how well they blend with the real eye color!? 
Before the other shots, let me review the wig as well!
Use the code anzujaamu for a %10 discount on all items!
Originally, this wig is a cosplay wig for Hiiragi Tsukasa from Lucky Star, but I chose this wig simply because I liked the color, haha. But who knows, I might try to cosplay her in future! (Maybe a closet cosplay?)
Anyway! This wig comes unstyled, the bangs should be reaching your chin at least, so you need to cut it by yourself. You can use hair spray or wax to style it as well and you can wash it anytime you want, the wig will be OK. I might try making a wig-washing tutorial when I have time.
Until then, you can check out this guide to learn how to wash and take care of your wigs without damaging them!
Uniqso's wigs are also heat resistant, which means you can use hair curler or hair straightener to style them. Because of the postman, a part of this wig was not straight (it probably got stuck with other parcels), so I used a hair straightener on it and it worked! The wig wasn't harmed and all hair fibers were straight in the end.
After that, I styled the wig by cutting it just like how I wanted.
I think this wig is the best one I got from Uniqso so far! None of it's hair fell down and it's really soft+has a very nice color. I think it's suitable for a fairy-kei look or maybe even creepycute?
Since this lilac tone goes well with I.Fairy Nova Green's color, I combined them together.

I don't know why but this look reminds me of a character with a harsh personality!
Hmm, I think that's all for today's review~!
The next one will be one for Spreepicky, stay tuned for many cute items.
Also stay tuned for more lens&wig reviews from Uniqso in future!
Kisses, bye bye!!


  1. Hey Anzu! Hope you're having a good day! I was just wondering why on the second pic for the wig the color seems more pastel pink that lilac like the other pics
    Thank you! ~

    1. Hi! Thank you! I hope your day is going wonderful as well!
      That's because it's a different wig, you'll see it in my next review!

  2. Okay thank you :3 I'm looking forward to read this review!

  3. I was wondering if you could tell me what two lashes you wore in this review?


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