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☆☆UNIQSO I.Fairy Hana Blue Review&Makeup Tutorial!

Well, hello there~!
I'm back with new lenses to review for you from Uniqso!
Use the code anzujaamu for a %10 discount on all items!
This time, I chose a pair of blue lenses, I can't wait to show them to you!

As for the shipping, you can check my previous review here, these items came in the same parcel as them.
Let's see the stock photo and a closeup of the lenses' design first.
I.Fairy Hana Blue
Use the code anzujaamu for a %10 discount on all items!
They remind me of the Star Blue lenses from the I.Fairy brand! I was in love with Star Blue's design, so I wanted to give these ones a try as well. I love both of them a lot, I want to try different colors of these lenses in future~!
As expected, these lenses are really comfortable for me! I.Fairy brand always does a great job on both comfortness and striking designs.
I think this design would look stunning on both light and dark colored eyes.
They are also 16.2 mm, which means they will make your eyes huge! So I recommend using at least an eyeliner to pull off this look.
Since I got a new camera, I was able to take high quality photos and decided to prepare a makeup tutorial for you. I took photos step by step and wrote down everything you need to do.
Hope it's helpful for you!
And, here are some face photos as usual~!

Use the code anzujaamu for a %10 discount on all items!
This is all for this review~!
I hope this review helped you to decide.
I will keep doing my best so please keep supporting me!
Love you, bye bye! <3


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