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☆☆CosplayHouse Premium Edition Saber Costume (Picture Heavy!)

I'm finally getting started with this review.
I wanted to do my very best for this review, so it took so long, I'm really sorry!
So! I will be introducing you to a new company in this review.
I will be modeling for their cosplay costumes from now on, so you'll see more reviews about them in future too!
Cosplay House is an online shop located in Southern California, where you can buy anything from costumes, shoes, wigs, props, and more. Their store has 9000+ products for sale, and our categories range anywhere from anime-related items to movie-related items. They also accept commission requests daily, so their selection in products is limitless.
The first cosplay costume I will be modeling for is Saber's costume from the Fate Series.
Both the series and the character are one of my favorites, so I was really excited to cosplay her.
I highly recommend you the series by the way! I recommend you to watch Fate/Zero first and then Fate/Stay Night.
Also, I will be cosplaying as Waver Velvet from Fate/Zero too, if my wig turns out good!

Now let's get back to Cosplay House.
Cosplay House sells more than 9000+ items and you can find different versions of one costume on their site.
Their best works are the Signature and Premium Series. The costumes in these series are more expensive compared to the others but they are also more detailed and better quality! I can assure you that it will be worth that money!
The costume I received from them is Saber's Premium Edition Costume.
I will write my opinion about everything now!
First of all, the costumes are made to order. Which means you'll have to wait for your costume to get tailored for you after you order it. You also need to measure yourself carefully and correctly, so the costume can fit you perfectly. (The costumes are custom-sized!) For this costume, it took around 25 days to get tailored.
The costume was shipped out by FedEx, which is really fast compared to standart shipping and even the EMS shipping. It took 6 days to arrive at my house! The costume was packed nicely and arrived in excellent condition in FedEx's cardboard box. Even the box wasn't damaged, it's really amazing.
The parcel contained the dress, the ribbon and the petticoat. The dress isn't a one piece costume, by the way. The top part and skirt are worn separately, but it looks like it's a one-piece costume. Both these two pieces have zippers attached to them.
The details are amazing as well, I'm in love with the golden embroidery and the gems attached to the end of the skirt!
The petticoat is nice quality but when I tried the costume on both with the petticoat and without it, I realized it looked much better without a petticoat so my photos are taken without it.
Let's move onto the photos now, shall we? I will not post all of them here, as some of them still need some editing, so please stay tuned on my Facebook page for the other photos!
 About the other items used with this cosplay;
Wig and boots are from Taobao and the sword was crafted by my friend Beytullah.
Both photography&edit credits belong to Edniz. Thank you so much for your effort, I love you! I'm really grateful because you kept up with me even if I was so annoying, hahaha! It was so much fun to work with you.
We should do this more from now on!
*edniz running away into the woods*

We also cosplayed as Saber and Kiritsugu at convention with Beytullah, it was so fun and Beytullah looked great cosplaying as Kiritsugu!
(But it was such a pain trying to make him wear the wig since he has long, curly hair, haha!)
Photography by Nejdet Güler.
Photography by Lentis Photography.

Photography by Orhan Deniz.
(I took the last two photos from FB as well and I think they might be unedited, I will kindly ask the photographer for the originals and ask Edniz to edit them!)
I think this review is over now. I hope you enjoyed it, Edniz and I both worked so hard for the first photos.
Oh! Don't forget to give Cosplay House and my page a like on Facebook as well!
Cosplay House
See you soon in my next blog post, take care everyone!
Bye bye!


  1. Amazing cosplay, you rock girl! *w* i want to do saber too. Congrats for you and for Cosplay House!

  2. very nice saber!! still watching this series right now =3


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