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☆☆Himi'Store Sheer Dress&Choker Review

Good afternoon, how is your day going?
I'm so so excited for today's review because the items I've received are the cutest ever. ;_;
I'm %1000 sure you'll fall in love with them too!
The items are from Himi'Store, this review will be my second post about them.
Read my previous review here!
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The items I will be reviewing were picked by the lovely Himi, the owner of the store, for me. She has an amazing fashion taste because these items are so adorable and they matched perfectly! Also also she included a pair of "kiss" earrings in my parcel alon with a really cute note and I was so happy oh my god ;_; I will treasure it forever!
Okay, I won't make you wait anymore, here is the first item's stock photo!

Sailor Sheer Dress
CAN YOU SEE HOW ADORABLE IT IS!? This piece is really unique, I haven't seen it anywhere on the internet. I always saw sheer dresses like this (but not sailor style) and wanted to try one on but couldn't find any... But then Himi chose this item for me and I!?
Thank you, Himi ;___; I love you so so much ahslsalhfsjk.
Cough cough, let me tell you about the details.
First of all, the bow is not detachable, you won't be able to take it off.
It's also one-size, so you will need to measure yourself and check the size measurements in the description before buying this dress!
It was really easy to wear because it had an elastic band on the waist part, so it can stretch a little bit! It's useful because the dress doesn't have a zipper.
After searching for some nice clothes, I came up with this combine! It was a bit rushed, so sorry if it's not as good as my other outfits.

Outfit Rundown
Wig&Skirt&Shoes: Taobao
Crop Top: Sheinside
Sheer Dress: Himi'Store
Socks: Sandy's Shop

Next item is the cute choker~!
I honestly really really love these kind of chokers. ;_; I own two of them from Taobao, but they don't have a sweet color like this one!
It has a metal chain on the back and is adjustable. The bell makes a lot of noise though, so I took it off to be more comfortable.

It looked so cute with the sheer dress and I felt like a fairy. ; u ;

This was very... photo heavy. Sorry! Really, sorry.
I just really liked how these photos turned out because I love soft, pastel colors such as these.
Please don't forget to check Himi's store out for more cute items!
And follow her Tumblr page for store updates!
Unfortunately, this review ends here.
But don't worry, I will be writing new reviews when I have time!
In fact, I'm writing this review at 1:30 AM but will publish it tomorrow afternoon, haha, I have no time&no life. ;__;
Please stay tuned for more reviews&take care!


  1. The sheer sailor dress is adorable! I can't wait to do a Himi haul at Christmas (when I have money //cries), I love that they stock Taobao brands like Bobon21 ♥ Thanks for the great review!!

  2. omg that dress is the cutest thing ever...

  3. What a fairy *-* loving the outfit ♥

  4. wowww! I've never seen anything like that dress before very cute and kind of sexy!


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