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☆☆CoserStudio Ebay Review

Why, hello there~!
I'm back to write an interesting review about 2  new wigs from Coser Studio!
You can read my previous review here.
Coser Studio is an Ebay seller who sell many cosplay wigs, costumes and accessories. I've only tried out their wigs until now and I can assure you that their wigs are high quality!
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They sent out 2 wigs of my choice and the wigs took around 10-15 days to arrive at my house with standart shipping. It's considered fast for my country's shipping office, haha.
Now, I have to say this. CoserStudio does a PERFECT job packing the items. One of the wig was in an airless plastic bag and when I took it out of the package, there were literally NO imperfections. Not even a single hair fiber was harmed. The other wig was packed in a separate bag and the bag was inside a cardboard box. They both arrived in excellent condition, along with their wig caps.
The shipping gets a A++ from me! ;D

Let me show you the first wig then!
This wig is originally a cosplay wig for Nanami Haruka. But I chose it for fashion purposes, so I won't be cosplaying as her, sorry!
First of all, this one was the one which was in the airless bag. It was the best packaging I have ever seen and I'll keep repeating this, lol. Anyway, the bangs came in styled like this, so I didn't have to cut the wig! The color and length is the same, so the stock photo is accurate. Also the wig is really soft, I couldn't stop playing with the hair!
Let me show you the photos of me wearing it.
I look kind of...sad in the last photos?
The second wig I got is a dark-grey colored, medium length wig!
Unlike the first wig, this one came unstyled and the bangs were really, really long! But also really soft and I could tell that it's a quality wig. I cut&styled the bangs according to my face and wore red contacts along with it.
The red/grey contrast looked great, so I think red lenses suited this wig real nice.

The last two photos remind me of Edniz's own character. He's a character from our RP story! The only difference is that he has dark blonde hair.
Ok now I think about it, I don't look like him at all, byE
Edniz's Deviantart
Edniz's Tumblr
Check out the links for more of her art!

And before ending the review, a reminder!
Check these links out to learn more about CoserStudio.
Hope my review helped you to decide!
Good bye and take care cuties~!


  1. Gray one looks so pretty on you !

  2. Thanks for the review ^^! I was wondering whether to buy from them or not ^.^~ the wigs looks cute on you btw (^ω^)

  3. I love gray's wig *-*

  4. Hello Anzu! I wanted to ask you where I can buy wigs (freeshipping worldwide)... Could you help me, please?
    Love from Argentina ♥

  5. Hey!~
    who is the gray-haired character?!!! Kyuu!! KAWAIIII <33333


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