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☆☆GEO Xtra WTC14 Brown Lenses&Curly Orange Wig

Just found some photos I took a while ago and forgot to post so here I am!
I originally took them to show you the new lenses&wig I got from Uniqso.
Shop Uniqso
They also have a promotion going on right now; If you spend 30 USD or more in total, you can get any pair of the Barbie Puffy series for 10 USD for a pair!
You can read more about it here;
Barbie Puffy Series Promotion
It lasts until May 27th, so be quick!

As for the lenses I got, I decided to try out a brown pair from GEO. I still haven't found the perfect brown lenses for my eyes, it's hard to find a good pair of dark colored lenses if you have light colored eyes.
GEO Extra WTC14 Brown Lenses
Don't forget to use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
The reason I chose them was how small the pupil hole was. The smaller they are, the better they would look on light eyes, I thought! I will show you the results in a few moments!
Their diameter is 15 mm, which is the ideal for me. I usually go for 15 mm or bigger diameters, they look way better on me than the others. As for their comfort level, I was okay with them. My eyes did get dry for a little bit, but I could easily fix it wih eye drops.
As long as my eyes didn't get exposed to direct sunlight they looked okay. However, the coverage of the colored part wasn't very opaque, so it ended up hinting my real eye color from underneath. They are okay, but not my favorites for now. ; u ;
I think Beuberry Lumie 3 Tones worked better fo rme than these!
As for dark colored eyes, I think these would make a good enlargement while looking natural, so I would definitely try them out if I had dark colored eyes.

The wig I combined with this was an orange colored wig under the name of Nami's wig from One Piece.
Long, Curly, Orange Wig
Don't forget to use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
It did turn out exactly like the photo. The wigs also arrive with a wig cap next to them, so you don't need to worry about it as well. The wig was wrapped in a thin wig net, which prevented it from getting all tangly and I didn't have to detangle anything after taking it out of the parcel. I did need to cut the bangs though, it comes unstyled!
The color is according to the photo, really vibrant, so it does make it obvious that this is a cosplay wig. That's why I wouldn't recommend it as a fashion wig. But Uniqso has a great variety of wigs under the category "Lolita Wigs", so make sure to check them out if you are looking for a natural-looking wig.

I...can't smile. I shouldn't smile. :'D
To be honest, I think shorter wigs suit me a lot better, so I might stick to them more in future.
Still, it's nice to try a different style once in a while!

I hope you enjoyed my post!
I will see you later in my next one then.
Bye bye and take care!


  1. Ooh that's the Geo's Aster series! I have the same ones but in blue, haven't opened them yet though!
    I actually like how the lenses look on you. :)

    That wig has such a lovely color! I think curly wigs look absolutely adorable on you!
    And yes, you should smile more often; you look super cute with a slight smile! <3

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    1. Oh! I didn't know the name of the series, thanks for telling!

      Thank you so much, but my cheeks make me hate my smile to be honest, haha ; v ; <3

  2. that wig is so perfect on you Q____Q omg

  3. I love that wig on you!! ; ;♡

    1. Thanks, cutie! I'm sure it would suit you much better though!

  4. Such a cute smile though >w<!

    1. Aww, thank you! This made me so happy ; w ; <3

  5. Ohhhh, I've always wanted some lenses that enlarged them, but still looked natural. And you look great in an orange wig by the way! *o*


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