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☆☆Society6 Princess Koneko-Chan Biker Tank Top Print Review

Yes, me. ME. ME!
Sorry I'm getting too excited--
I have been waiting for this day for 2 years now I finally have a hOLIDAY-
And I will be able to focus on my blog, tutorials and cosplays as I wish!
Starting with a new, light-eye makeup tutorial!
If you have any recommendations for new videos, go on and let me know in the comments!
I plan on recording more videos throughout the summer, if I can.
Alright, moving onto today's review, then!
I will be reviewing an amazing artist's works which can be printed on clothings, stationary etc. on Society6!
The lovely Dashiana's shop is called Princess Koneko-Chan. the name comes from the character she's building her character around, Koneko-Chan. Her illustrations are based on the creepy-cute looks, and her characters catch our attention mainly with their fangs/teeth which cover their entire face. Each of her illustrations have a title/theme, which is usually written under the illustrations as the part of their compositions.
Her shop is on Society6, which is a site you can buy/sell original artworks printed on products.
imagePrincess Koneko-Chan Shopimage
imageKoneko-Chan FB Pageimage
You do not take care of the printing/quality part when you are selling on Society6, which is a really good thing, because finding a cheap, nice printing factories can be very hard. Also this is a great choice if the shipping prices from your country are pretty expensive.

I was able to choose the product and the illustration which was going to be printed on it, and after browsing and having a really hard time deciding, I ended up choosing the biker tank with this illustration.
Take a Hint! Biker Tank
image"Take a Hint" Biker Tankimage
Now, the product photo's printing color vibrancy might not be very accurate, as it is only a preview, not a original shot. However the base, the product is accurate because the site uses the same products they show in the photos. They also have a big variety of products from sweatshirts to tank tops, and art prints to phone cases, so make sure to check them out first!
After deciding on this item, I checked the size chart and chose the one which is the most suitable for me.
I don't know when exactly the item was shipped out to me, but it should be around 1-2 days after the order was placed. I ended up receiving the product in no time, such a short time that I couldn't even find the time to wonder if it was shipped out or not.
The item was folded carefully by the employees of Society6, and there was thin paper placed on top of the print, so that it wouldn't get damaged on the way. I really liked how careful they were taking care of their products.
Here is a closeup of what it looked like;
Because of the strong lighting it turned out lighter than it really looks like from the mirror, but in reality the colors are more vibrant. After closer inspectation, I made sure that the print did not have any defects too, which is quite awesome!
And once again, I fell in love with Dashiana's art style as well as the coloring style!
She has a great imagination as well, to being able to combine the cuteness and creepiness like this, and delivering the message she had in her mind.
I wish I had the same curly pink wig though, I could have worked much more on my face to match the illustration then!
Outfit Rundown
Wig: eBay
Shirt: Princess Koneko-Chan
Tights: Taobao
Boots: Choies
And one more time, we are at the end of another review.
I hope the review was helpful for you, but if I forgot to mention anything, please let me know in the comments so that I can help out!
Bye bye for now, love you!


  1. yey, another youtube tutorial! c: I love those, and your skin looks sp nice!

  2. ah that shirt is so cute~ i love discovering new artists!

  3. It's always cool to see wearable things with original prints by artists. ^_^
    The art style is quite unique from what I've seen around too. Surprisingly cool it is!

    I just wish that the print's color would 'pop' a bit more; I think it would be really eye-catching if the colors were a tad more vibrant. But it's nice nonetheless, hahah.

    Cosplay & Circle Lens blog
    Lifestyle blog

  4. that shirt is adorable!!!! i think you should make a skincare or daily routine video because your skin is soooo nice :D

  5. i was wondering if there was a different place to get these boots, they're sadly no longer on choies... ;~;


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