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☆☆UNIQSO Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Violet Lenses&Black Pigtail Wig&Ichinose Wig Review

I came up with a new makeup idea for today's review.
It's basically a "beat-up", bloody look I did with fake blood and band aid.
The photos are from my first try, but I will be working on it to perfect it!
After that I might post a tutorial of it for you guys as well.
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As for today's review, I will be reviewing 2 wigs and a pair of circle lenses.
I took the photos a while ago, so I'm not sure about these items' shipping time. But I always receive my items from Uniqso with express shipping, so they arrive at my house at about 3 to 5 days. Their standart shipping will take up to 20-25 days though, so make sure to order them in time.
They also ship their wigs and circle lenses from different warehouses, so keep that in mind as well!

Let's start with the lenses.
Use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!These are quite popular among circle lenses. They come in 16.2 mm (huge!), and even if they have a unique color like violet, they have some yellow shades in them as well as darker shades of purple, so they appear to look natural, as in a natural-vibrant category. There is also a cosplay-vibrant category in my mind and the Twilight series is a great example for them.
Also, I have had problems with the Barbie brand at past, their lenses tend to get really dry in my eyes and one pair was almost as if they were stuck in my eyes before, since they were too dry and I panicked a lot as I took them out. So I was kinda nervous when I ordered these, but it turned out okay. My main reason to finally order from Barbie was that these lenses were very popular, so I figured out I wouldn't have any problems with them. Thank god I was right.
Still, I think I will try and stick to my favorite brands from now on as well.
But I am quite happy with this item!
When worn on light eyes, the outer purple color was noticeable, and the yellow-ish shades faded into my natural eye color without creating a weird look. I really liked how soft and smooth the color faded away into the natural color.
However I also noticed that my eyes almost looked grey in one of my photos when I got sunlight onn me, stronger than usual! That was only from a distance though.
These lenses also look great on dark colored eyes, they might even turn out better on them from what I see from the other customer photos!
The wig I first combined with these lenses was this one.
Use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
The hair resembles Hatsune Miku's hair indeed, but it is black. This can be a good choice for a Black Rock Shooter cosplay, in my opinion!
The wig arrived detangled, I didn't even have to brush it to detangle when I took out the pigtails. The base wig is very long also, it almost passes my chin. So you can style it however you want and also use it without the pigtails. You can actually use this wig in 3 different ways by removing the pigtails.
I also saw that the pigtails are a little bit thinner/smaller than the Miku wig I got from Uniqso before, so they are a little bit lighter as well. I didn't have any trouble weight-wise when I used them but the pigtails do easily get tangled, so be careful when you use and store them!

You can see how the lenses look grey-ish in this photo.

I also have a bonus one I tried with my ponytail-Saber wig!
I think this cold-but-strong look suits her well.

I will be showing a bonus wig also!
Use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
Another wig I got for non-cosplay purposes! The color and hairstyle resembled my OC, Anzu, so I ended up getting it! The color is quite different from her though, but I still like the wig a lot!
The base is really puffy and has soft hair, it is easy to cut and style. Same goes for the pigtails, they were quite long for me though, so I ended up cutting them shorter for my desires.
I think this one was one of the greatest wigs I got!
Ended up combining it with the Beuberry Chariot Green lenses and the Anzu shirt I got from the Personal Mahou shop!

My post ends here.
I hope you enjoyed the review and if you have any questions which I forgot to answer in the post, let me know in the comments so I can help out!
Bye bye~!


  1. that wig is so cuteeeeee ah you are the master of wigs *^*

  2. It looks so realistic! ^-^ It's amazing (*^▽^*)

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  4. Oh gosh I love the wigs! *^*~

  5. Which is the brown jacket from?

  6. is the last wig a madoka magica pink color? btw I think you're really cute & petite 💖

  7. Would you recommend me the best green lenses in your opinion? I would be so happy! ^^


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