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☆☆Sheinside Outfit Post

I had the most amazing (and tiring) weekend ever!
We had a convention here in my city for two days, and I went there with Edniz, Iris and my classmates from university. First day I was Gumi and the second day I was Mako Mankanshoku to Iris' Ryuko.
Can't wait to post the photos soon!

Anyway, back with another outfit post!
Shop Sheinside
From Sheinside, as expected!
I will be reviewing 4 items for this review.
They arrived in the same parcel, after 12-15 days from ordering it, each packed in their own plastic bag along with their tags.

For the first two, I chose them planning to combine them, so I will be reviewing both first.
White Puff Sleeve Polka Dot Chiffon BlouseBlue High Waist Buttons Denim Shorts
Puff Polka Dot Sleeve Crop Blouse
High Waist Denim Shorts
Both items are very cute and amazing in their own way and to me, they were made to be combined together!
The first one is a cropped blouse while the other is REALLY high-waisted(it reaches just under my bust), so I think they fit together really well.
I had a small problem with the blouse's puff though, it was slightly ripped when it arrived, I noticed it as I was ironing it. I could easily fix it, but just wanted to let you know anyway. It also has a zipper on the side, so it was easy to wear. It comes in one-size though, so you should make sure to check the size chart before ordering!
As for the shorts, they have a elastic band sewed inside on the back, so even after zipping and buttoning it, it can expand to some point! Having that band inside it makes it a lot comfier if you have trouble breathing/moving around after wearing denim bottoms.
Outfit Rundown
Wig: Link here!
Shirt&Shorts: Sheinside
Socks&Shoes: Taobao

Next is a dress!
Red Sleeveless Clock Print Pleated Dress
 This kind of dressses are not really my style, especially when worn without any blouses, but I ended up really liking it's print and decided to use it with a blouse.
It had a zipper on the side and I had no problems size-wise.
The only thing I wish that could have been different was the puffiness of the skirt. It would look adorable if it had more volume.
Still, I am happy with this one!
Outfit Rundown
Headdress&Shoes: LolitaDressesOnline, I think!
Wig: eBay
Blouse: Taobao
Dress: Sheinside

Last but not least!
Color-block Sleeveless Flower Print Flare Dress
Flower Print Flare Dress
A dress which screams "Spring!"
I loved the contrast between the light colors and the black so much, so I ended up getting this one as well.
Unfortunately it was too big on me, so I had to pin it a little on the back to make it look better.
I might alter it for myself to wear it confidently so I won't have any problems with sizing anymore.
I knew it as I ordered it because I checked the size chart, but I figured out I could fix it if it was too big, it's okay as long a it's not too small- that's not fixable, you know.
Outfit Rundown
Flower Crown: Wendy Darlyne Shop
Wig: DreamHolic
Dress: Sheinside
Socks: Local Shop
Shoes: Taobao

Aaaand here we are, in the end of another review.
I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!
Let me know of your favorite outfit in the comments, I would love to know your opinions!
(Also thanks for all your hugs for my previous posts!!)
Bye bye for now~


  1. I really love the first outfit ^^!! I will probably try and wear something like that soon too~

  2. OMG the clothes are so pretty!! Wish I could have great ideas to combine my clothes like you do!! 🍥✨🍃

  3. yeah, the last dress really doesn't sit on you that well

  4. I think you're the best thing on the internet, so bad for most of the people you're only there. anyways stay awesome :)

  5. Ahhhh, I always get excited when you post your SheInside outfits posts because it gives me inspiration on what to buy at SheInside and inspiration for my own outfits! I love the flower dress outfit and the high-waisted shorts outfit! <3


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