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☆☆Himi Store Photoshoot!

Hi guys!
I'm back with another photoshoot post, however this one will be mainly a photo-dump post than a review, because the dress I will be showing you is sold out at Himi's Shop.
Still, they have got new designs and products up, so if you'd like to check them out, you can click the link below and start browsing!
You can use the code "anzujaamu" for a discount!Let's start our photo dump then!
Photos turned out darker than expected, but I kinda liked it's effect on this kind of look.
Let me do a outfit rundown as well!
Headdress&Shoes: Taobao
Wig: FloralDays
Dress: Himi Store
Socks: Local Shop
The photos still have snow in them, can you guess how much I delayed posting these?? HAH
no more procrastinating
I also got this adorable beret from them, it is still in stock!
You can use the code "anzujaamu" for a discount!They come in three colors, and even though I found the pink and white colors super cute, I wanted to go with a more natural color and ended up getting the light brown one. I can use it with pink-ish colors too, so it's a win!
Darker lipsticks make me look different haaah
And a shot from the back!
I really liked this beret, I ended up using it a lot when I went outside or to the campus. ; u ;

I also got a pair of boots from Himi Store, but it is out of stock as well, still they do have a similar pair of them so I will link it to you.
Sailor collar bow boots bandage vivi japanese college Free shipping
Ankle Boots
You can use the code "anzujaamu" for a discount!
They are the same as mine, except these come in two colors in one item! The ones I got were full brown, but apart from that and the "collor" reference of these boots, they are the same.
The bows are removable, just like hair clips, but I preferred to use them with their bows in my photos.
(I even ended up using them for my Anna cosplay!)
Anyway, here are some photos!

This one was for my SP photoshoot!

And a few of my recent outfits!
I have already done the outfit rundown for them, so I won't be doing it in this post!
I know this has been a short post, sorry about that!
I have been really stressed out with many stuff including my school, but I will start taking care of everything better from now on, so please forgive me if I've made any mistakes.

Take care and bye bye~!


  1. omfg. This dress. I need. I--- omfg perfect.

  2. You look gorgeus!! (♡-♡)

  3. Çok güzel! Sormam gereken önemli bir şey var. Blogunda kullandığın bu çiçekler veya kalpleri nasıl buluyorsun? Nasıl bulabilirim adı nedir bunların? Teşekkürler!

  4. Anzu you're super cute!! Please use darker lip colors more often <3 I love them on you!

  5. I need the dress so badly! It's gorgeous! Do you know if the store will restock it?

  6. Ahh you look so pretty in all the pictures >~<!!!

  7. Wow I wasn't sure if you were real or a doll in the second photo O_O You look amazing!

    { }

  8. The first outfit is really beautiful *-*

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