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☆☆Michi Michi Rainbow Land Review

Good afternoon everyone!
If you are following me more than a few months, I'm sure you remember the shop Michi Michi Rainbow!
Shop Michi Michi Rainbow
You can use the code "anzujaamu10" for a %10 discount~!

Well, I will be reviewing a few new products from their store- a few that I am way too late to post about!
(Sorry about that, Teresa!)

I will try to make it short for you then, let's see the first, and my favorite item!
Yellow Pokemon Acrylic Necklace
Pokémon Necklace
You can use the code "anzujaamu10" for a %10 discount~!
It does come in one color for the charm, but you can choose from a few available colors for the chain! As for me, I got it in a black color. It is an handmade item, and I am guessing that it was made by a special Pokémon mold. I mean, it looks sharp and perfect, so a mold, for sure. The material is plastic, if you are wondering!
The chain comes a bit long, but if you prefer it to be shorter, I'm sure Teresa can help out, so make sure to send her a message for it!
The vibrance of it's colors went really good with Gumi's colorful wig, don't you think so?

The remaining items are some very cute tights, I will go with the Totoro one first.
Totoro Green Leaf Knee High Hosiery Pantyhose Tattoo Socks Leggings Tights Stockings
Totoro Tights
You can use the code "anzujaamu10" for a %10 discount~!
They have a few alternate versions of the Totoro tights, but I think this one is so far the best one with it's green leaf and pink beads. The tights are surprisingly strong and thick. The thickness doesn't make it stretch less though, it stretches just fine. Some tights are kind of short on me, but these fit me just okay and I'm pretty sure they would stretch even more for a taller person as well. ( I am 164 cm btw!)
Even if they are tights, they appear to look as if they are thigh high socks!

Last, but not least tights have the same style- they look as if they are thigh high socks, but this time they have a panda pattern on them.
Panda Knee High Hosiery Pantyhose Tattoo Socks Leggings Tights Stockings
Panda Tights
You can use the code "anzujaamu10" for a %10 discount~!
They appear to made of the same material as the Totoro tights, because they can stretch a lot without any sign of forcing themselves. They have a thick but soft texture and again, are not easy to rip. Still, don't try too hard haha.......
They even have pink beads on their cheeks as a blush, I loved it!

They didn't have to stretch a lot, so you can see that both the black and white colors still look opaque!

Aaaand this was all for my review, but these are not all from the Michi Michi Rainbow Shop!
Make sure to check out their items if you are planning on getting one or two from these items, that way you can save on shipping too. Also they offer free tracking number for orders over 50 Euro, if you are planning to spend close to that, you can use it to your advantage.

See you later and bye bye!


  1. Ah, I love everything your got! And the Pokemon necklace looks great with the Gumi wig~

  2. POKÉMON! btw that green wig is so beautiful on you!

  3. the totoro tights are so cut OTL i love anything totoro automatically
    that green wig is so perfect ;o;

  4. The totoro tights! *^*


  5. your's sweater..I like it. Where was you buy it?

  6. The kneesock tights look adorable on you!

  7. I like best the panda tights. So cute!

  8. Omg these are awesome, you have such cute style ^_^

    { }

  9. So cute! Where can I buy the Gumi wig?

  10. Hello! I just discovered your blog and I'm loving it so much, I've honestly already spent way to many hours on it. I hope you don't mind me asking but I was wondering if you could direct me to were I can buy that green wig? I tried searching on my own but that plan totally failed.


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