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☆☆Romwe Outfit Post

Doing something unusual and posting a review in the morning today!
I will be going to a convention so I might not have enough time to write a post tonight.

And it will be another outfit update, featuring Romwe!
Shop Romwe
Recently I haven't had any problems with any of my parcels which means I have received this item in 15-20 days as expected.

Contrast V Neck Girl Print Pink T-shirt
Milky Pink T-Shirt
This is an over-sized, casual but cute T-shirt! It looks kind of baggy on me, which I really like. Baggy clothes add more cuteness points into a combination in my opinion. 
The design is originally a print, which seems high quality. Still, I'd prefer to wash it carefully but turning it inside out. Same with ironing.
It comes in one-size, so I recommend checking the size chart first.
My outfit is Rin Kagamine inspired.
Outfit Rundown
Hairbow/Hairpins/Socks: Taobao
Wig: Link here ( Discount code: anzujaamu )
Shirt: Romwe
Skirt: Choies
Shoes: Ebay

The second and the last item is~
Navy Round Neck Cartoon Print Sweatshirt
Cartoon Print Sweatshirt
It has such a unique design, I fell in love with it! It is a print shirt, but only has printed parts on it's sleeves, also the prints are not like the Milky shirt, it is as if they are a part of the shirt, not a print. So I would feel more comfortable while washing this. 
It's said that the material of this is cotton blends, but it has rather a thick, not soft texture. After the ironing, it should be hard to mess it up again.
It also comes in two sizes!
Aaaand here is my outfit.
Outfit Rundown
Wig: Taobao
Necklace: MichiMichiRainbow Shop
Sweater: Romwe
Skirt: Choies
Shoes: Local Shop
And a bonus photo before I got my outfit together!
I still don't like wearing glasses though. orz
Glasses can be found at Spreepicky and you can use the code "anzujaamu" for a discount~!

I hope you liked my recent post, and I hope you'll have a wonderful day today!
See you later!


  1. The milky shirt is pretty damn cute. It suits you well too. :)
    Where did you get the Pokémon necklace? It's amazing. ;u; And which lenses are you wearing on the last picture?
    Thank you for pretty pictures and have a wonderful convention. :')

  2. Super cute as always! :'3 Really colorful and adorable outfits!
    And I must say that I love that Pokémon necklace you are wearing on the second outfit!! <3 Makes me want to buy one myself...

  3. I like your second outfit so much!
    That Pokemon necklace is adorable!


  4. So cute I love the first outfit :D The Rin wig looks really good with it ^_^

    ❤ Sann


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